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New Look to my Online Stampin' Up! store

I am telling you now so that you don’t panic when you log in on Tuesday to place your Holiday catalog (July-Dec Mini catalog) order and see a whole new look. 


Things to Know:

  1. The Online Stampin’ Up! store will have a NEW Look starting Aug. 4, 2020, 7am MT
  2. RIGHT NOW, log in to your account in my online store and write down your password, if you don’t already know it
  3. Starting on Aug. 4, you may need to change your bookmark for ordering online, the website link will be different.
  4. While shopping with me, be sure you see my name at the top, so that you confirm you are in my online store and can take advantage of my customer loyalty perks.
  5. You will love the new look to the online Stampin’ Up! store!!  Much better search functionality, SUPER easy to redeem Stampin’ Rewards and Bonus Days coupons, create a Wish List, and so much more!
  6. You can always email me and I can send you the link.


Do You Know Your Password?

You will need your password to log in to the new store. Go to my online store now, log in, and click on My Account, then click on Email / Password and record your password for safekeeping so that you have it when you need it starting Aug. 4th.

If you don’t know your password or have difficulty finding it, you can always select a new password and be sure to click Save Changes.

Thank you! Contact me HERE  or call Stampin’ UP! at 1-800-STAMPUP if you have questions!