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Thanksgiving Blessings!

Thanksgiving this year was a blessed day for me.  I was so thankful that we could get together.  I texted many of my nieces & nephews early in the month and asked them to save the date for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We did not gather last year, so i felt the need to get the family together this year.  My mom turned 81 this year and is not in the best of health, so the tug on my heart was even greater.  As the month progressed, it came together.  

Here is a picture of the whole group.  We asked my daughter's boyfriend to take the picture (he sweetly took care of that)

What a group!  This brings back memories of "the Kids Table" and running & playing outside and knocking over my grandpa's water glass.  Yikes!  We had tables set up outside in the garage and everyone ate in different places.  

It was a Good Day!

I sincerely hope that wherever you celebrated and whoever you were with that you had a good time.

The Holt Family