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Happy New Year! 2021 is Here!


Happy New Year 2021!

Best Wishes to you and those you hold dear.  The past year was a tough one for many people, businesses, and our country.  I am looking forward to 2021.  I pray and wish for you and your family that 2021 will find you happy, healthy, and enjoying things that you like to do most!

One of the very best things that came from 2020 is my relationships with my adult children and my mom. Even though my children still work and have lives of their own, our communication was more involved, I felt closer to both of them.  I talk with my mom every morning and sometimes even a few more times during the day.  We always try to find positives in everyday occurrences.  

One thing I really MISSED about 2020 was traveling. Traveling to see new places. Traveling to see family and friends. Traveling to Stampin’ Up! events. Traveling to Camp outs with my Camping friends.  I had 1 campout a month planned in 2020 and most of those were cancelled.  I was blessed to go on a Cruise in January 2020 and a campout in March (right before everything came to a halt here in Arkansas).

OH and eating out in restaurants… Oh my goodness.. Cooking has never been on my priority list. AND cooking for 1 is even worse - I still have figured that out.  Now, I definitely need to make time to LOSE those pounds that 2020 added to me. 

I’d Love to Hear from You:

Leave me a comment if you have time today, let me know something you enjoyed about 2020 and something you missed.  What are you looking forward to in 2021?


  1. I miss camping with my friends and seeing new places. But the best gift was a precious granddaughter!


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