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April Paper Pumpkin

I don't usually showcase our monthly Paper Pumpkin Kits, but I really liked the April kit and have made all there was to make from two boxes.  I get 2 boxes every month because I know I will love what ever they decide to put in them for the month.  April did not disappoint.   These are great kits and have many features and benefits.  You can make the projects as described in the instructions, change it up and make them all different.  Two are exactly like the kit and I made another of my own.

April Paper Pumpkin

These kits are perfect for:

     Beginner stampers

     Stampers who don't have too many supplies yet  (you only need scissors and maybe some glue)

     Stampers who like to take things to work on while they're traveling, waiting on kids, etc.

     People who don't like to cut supplies

     People who don't think they're creative

     People who want some quick cards

     People in general

     Gift giving (either a pre-paid limited subscription or a monthly subscription) 

     People who like to give cards

     People who are sitting around waiting for the corona virus to pass us by

     People who need a hobby or something creative or constructive to do

     People who need something to do with their kids, grandkids or husbands

     People who don't want to leave their house to shop for craft supplies

     People who like to get mail


Great things about the box:

     Perfect size for storage

     Stacks neatly

     Can turn it inside out for a different look

     Each box is labeled with the month and kit name

     Great for gift giving or covering with designer series paper

     It's orange, but sometimes other colors


Great things about the kit:

     You get a stamp set to keep every month (sometimes you get two)

     You get a mini ink pad each month, so you can collect lots of colors

     You get a clear block in your first kit, so hold on to that

     It comes with adhesives and you almost always have extras left over

     It comes with instructions or you can change it up

     There are almost always left over pieces

     It's a surprise every month.  Usually cards, but sometimes treat holders

     Look for alternate ideas on Pinterest or Facebook

     You get a bonus project from me every month

     You can make up the cards when you get the kit, then stamp sentiments as you need them

     It comes in the mail and shipping is included

     It just comes automatically when you sign up once 

     They're awesome!