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Love Today Planner

Good Afternoon.  I have just spent a few hours putting together my new planner for this next year.  I always impatiently wait for the beginning of the academic year calendar or at the end of the year trying to find a planner/calendar of the new year.  The wait is over.  I have found a planner that I can customize to start on any month of the year!  Just take a look at the gorgeous color of the binder - Size is 7-3/4 x 8-3/4 x 2 inches.  Perfect to put in my purse!

 This planner will help keep you o schedule and give you a creative outlet too.  It is included in an all-inclusive kit that has everything you need to create a customizable yearly planner.  There are no dates printed, so you can start when you want.
Small pocket folder
Monthly view Calendar Pages
You can see from the photos that the colors are beautiful and you have lots of things included in the kit.  The kit comes with 12 Divider pages, calendar pages, 4 photo protector pages, a 5x7 page lifter/bookmark, 3 pages each of printed and gold foil accent stickers/embellishments and 3 cute packages of coordinating sticky notes.   
Beautiful cover page for each month

Extra Folder that I made to hold anything extra that I might want to put into my binder.  We will be making 3 of these in the class to add to your binder.

One of the many different monthly divider pages.

Lots of room to add details.  I have found that I journal on some of my days!

5x7 Page lifter/bookmark that is included

2x2 photo squares! Fun for putting little photos of my kids or even regular size photos that I cute into squares!  These photo pockets also can hold the coordinating sticky notes.

printed stickers/embellishments
Notes section for the back of each month/ I have found that I put my To Do list there.  If I do not get them done, I just carry them over to the next month.

Foil stickers/embellishments
I would love to have a Planner Party for you any your friends.  The cost of the party would be $42.00 This would include everything you need for your planner plus a few extras.  You can contact me directly at