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Gather Together February 29 2020

My team and I had a great time yesterday.  We celebrated sales and promotions for a few of our own!  I give prizes for those on the team that have the most sales.  I encourage questions during the business aspect of our meeting.  Your name goes into the drawing for a prize if you ask a question.  I want those people to enjoy being a party of a group, of OUR group!  Below are pictures of the prizes, pillow gifts and the cards that we put together for our make and takes. 

Pillow gifts. There was a small hand sanitizer in this!

These were the make and takes.  These cards would be perfect to have for a class.

At the bottom of this post, you can find a list of what products were used to make these cards.  Check it out.

Our team also put together swaps.  We had 6 people participate for this meeting.  Swaps are done for fun.  I always like to see what others enjoy and a swap is perfect.  Here are our swaps.



Video - this is the link to the video of a demonstration made during our meeting.  Check it out.  It is a team member demonstrating a Fancy Fold Card.

Since our Gather Together was on February 29th (Leap Day) We celebrated with special cookies.  Our friend, Susan brought the cookies.  They were so cute and very tasty! Just take a look at these!
Aren't these just the cutest?

Below are the products used in our Make and Takes.  
You can build a class around the 3 cards featured above.

If you would like more information about being a part of my group and join us for stamping, just email me at