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My Whole World

Family.... Webster's Definition is simply a group of people who are related to one another.  To me, family is every thing.  Life is fleeting and it is for this very reason that my family is my WORLD.

Recently, my two young adults and I, went on a road trip from Arkansas to Florida.  Florida is a destination that we have come to in the past and is a very familiar place for us.  Our week was full of fun, shopping, beaching and good food.

My two young adults!  Abbey is 24 and Will is 17.  I am so Blessed.

This is my family!  Thank you Lord for my family.
 For the past 3 family vacations, my son's best friend, Joe has come with us.  Such a wonderful addition to our family vacations.

My Son Will and his best friend, Joe

Thank you for letting me brag a bit.  
Did I mention that I was Blessed?