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Feel Good & Give

I am so excited to tell you about a new "class" I am offering.  It is called Feel Good & Give.  I got the idea from a fellow Stampin' Up! demo in Salt Lake City at On Stage Live in April 2016.  The whole idea is to get together with people and share what you love AND then - GIVE.  Give some of the cards that you make to someone who needs the encouragement.  This could be the homebound members of your church, hospitalized people, family members going through their own turmoil, No matter who you send them too - GIVE.   I want us to givers of a smile, givers of good feelings but most of all, Givers of Love.

MAY 10th, MAY 19th, JUNE 7th, JULY 12th and JULY 21st

If you would like to participate, you can Contact Me by email or you can RSVP to the class by going to My Event Calendar!  So Easy.   

Just a little more- if you are unable to come, contact me and I can send you the Class to GO.  What do you get with a Class to GO?  You get everything you need to make the cards, even the addresses and stamp of the people that you GIVE 1/2 of your Cards to.  (all you provide is adhesive and a cheerful heart)

Feel Good & Give.
​This is my first ever DROP IN Style Class.   I have 2 objectives for this class.  1. Have Fun and Enjoy yourself.  2. GIVE. Give a card to someone who might need a lift!  I will have available a list of people with their addresses that need a LIFT.  Either they are homebound, have an illness, or other reason that they need encouragement.  This will be an ON-GOING Class.  

It will only take 45 minutes to complete the cards.  It will be DROP IN style.  Come when YOU can.  This Drop In style class will be offered again soon. 


MAY 10th, MAY 19th, JUNE 7th, JULY 12th and JULY 21st

$10.00 will pay for the class.  The class will instructions and supplies to make all 4 cards, envelopes, and 2 addresses with stamps. The idea is to keep 2 cards and GiIVE 2 cards.  These cards will be nice and simple to make, assemble, and will only take a few minutes of your time.  Of Course as always, if you purchase a minimum order of $25.00 of Stampin' Up! products, the class will be free.

Please note, If you RSVP then please come.